Slimline Dribble Bars

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Application Technology

Slimline Dribble Bars

Spreadwise umbilical systems have been designed to give ease of use, and maximum utilisation of slurry on grassland and cereals.

Slimline applicators are designed to allow the transport of both applicator and hose reelers on a single linkage. The applicator is mounted on a heavy duty three point linkage, and combines a rear mounted male A-frame to allow any of the Spreadwise A-frame mounted reelers to be carried for transport and hose deployment.
When combined with a front linkage this allows a complete system
to be carried on a single tractor.

Slimline dribble bars ensure accurate placement of slurry at ground level.

A Vogelsang Exacut macerator minimises the risk of blockages and ensures even distribution of slurry across the width of the boom.

Slimline Dribble bars are available in either 6 or 8m working widths, with pipe spacings at 250mm