Siemens MagFlow Sensors

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Siemens MagFlow Sensors

With a hard elastomer rubber lined bore, the MAG 5100W Magflo meter is suitable for all effluent and slurry applications including those with very low flow rates. It is available from DN25 to 1200 (1 inch to 48 inch). The kit is supplied as standard complete with integral grounding electrodes.

The hard lining guarantees consistent accuracy throughout the temperature and pressure range, whilst the soft elastomer facing provides high abrasion resistance and eliminates the need for gaskets. It is highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

The Siemens MAG 5000 flow meter transmitter is suitable for more demanding applications where cost-effectiveness is important. It boasts the flexibility of being mounted directly on top of the flow meter, or remote mounted to prevent damage from vibration or external stress, and has superior signal resolution. The MAG 5000 transmitter is also self-diagnostic, meaning it can detect and log errors.