Celebrating 10 years of Ferrari
Spreadwise is celebrating the 10 year milestone of being the sole  UK supplier of Ferrari slurry and dirty water pumps, building them into countless systems.

Spreadwise Ferrari pumps are the beating hearts of hundreds of systems in daily use for transferring slurry, dirty water and digestate to storage tanks and lagoons and moving it onwards via an umbilical system to the fields.

Farm and contract businesses have to  weigh up a number of factors when selecting a pump within a system.
Key among these are
  • performance and power
  • durability and reliability
  • ease of maintenance
  • cost of wearing parts

"when we struck up our relationship with Ferrari, these qualities were uppermost" says Spreadwise MD Fred Percival "the fact that were celebrating 10 years of incorporating their products into the systems we make for many of our customers speaks volumes about our thoughts on Ferrari's qualities.
Their factory is second to none, quality control, model availability and spares supply are all exemplary and the pumps are very cost effective to run"


Article Date: 10/11/2014

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